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David Leveille

David Leveille


SharePoint, Teams, Azure, Power Platform and Systems Integration

What is Crush Networks?

Crush Networks is a business that helps technology leaders overcome their IT challenges—helping you Crush IT. Founded in 2017, our roots go back 20+ years in the IT industry.

Over the past two decades, Crush Network’s founder David Leveille:

Crush Networks represents not only Leveille’s broad array of technical experience and connections in the industry but also the collection of skills from the consultants we’ve brought together over the years.

How the Name Came to Be

Having worked as a contractor for years, Leveille incorporated Crush Networks in June 2017. As he was preparing to incorporate, everything just seemed to be falling into place perfectly.

“You’re Crushing IT!” his wife exclaimed, and the rest is history.

Where Crush Networks Differs

We’ve seen it over and over again. We quote a job, but ultimately the company goes with a less-experienced, less-expensive vendor or freelancer. And then, in 6–12 months, the company ends up calling us back to fix whatever was messed up—often due to a lack of understanding or skills. By that point, the project is typically over budget and behind schedule. In these cases, we’re of course happy to help, but we may not be available.

Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to go with the Crush Networks team? We have a long track record of coming in on time and under budget, which can be attributed to our measure twice, cut once mentality. #CrushingIT