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What we do for you

While we offer a range of business and technical capabilities for the IT function, we know you have a specific challenge you want to address right now. And if you’re like many of the organizations we’ve worked with over the past 20+ years, your challenge likely relates to one or more of these areas.

Business Process Management & Automation

Need to fine-tune your business processes or rebuild them from the ground up? Either way, we dive in head first, diagramming and planning to ensure consistent outcomes. Through our efforts, we determine where and what aspects of your processes can be automated to increase efficiency and reduce costs – whatever your industry.

Change Management & User Adoption

After expending time and money implementing a complex product like SharePoint, the last thing you want is your users to let it sit idle. User adoption is critical to obtaining the ROI you want. We help you achieve it through carefully honed change management phases and product trainings. Onsite visits, webinars, phone consults – whatever delivery medium works best for your teams.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Your current technology landscape maintains a delicate balance to deliver the functionality your organization needs. Don’t disrupt that with a subpar integration partner. We will help you seamlessly integrate the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem: Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, enterprise mobility, digital rights management, and more.

How we help you Crush IT

Beyond technical know-how, we offer several value-adds to ensure your partnership with us is successful and long-lasting.

Connections to Microsoft 365 Product & Marketing Teams

Our leadership has worked for and with Microsoft multiple teams over the past 20+ years. We’ve cultivated close connections with the product & marketing teams for Microsoft 365. The benefit for you: We get your issues resolved quickly.

Projects Completed On Time & Within Budget

We live by the mantra measure twice, cut once. Since we take the time upfront to deeply understand your IT issues and plan projects carefully, we regularly deliver according to schedule and budget constraints. We have many successful projects and satisfied clients to support this claim.

Client Empowerment & Maintainability

We take every stride to ensure our clients are empowered. Our goal is for your employees to be able to maintain what we’ve created on their own. We document well (and often), and we explain both the why and the how of our work. Though of course we’re still here if you need us.

Portfolio Scalability

Whether you need us for a single engagement, or you want to build out a portfolio of projects, we will scale to your needs. Even if you start out small, we always plan projects in a way that allows for easy expansion if the need arises.

Where you’ll find us

Our team attends numerous events throughout the year, including User Groups all over the West Coast, SharePoint Saturday events worldwide, and IAMCP functions. Check out our events page to see a few of the places you might find us.


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our partners.
Check out what they have to say about their experiences with us.

Crush Networks are experts at helping organizations drive real business outcomes using Microsoft technology. What I love about them, is their ability to partner with other IT firms and make their clients successful. In addition, through their community involvement in SharePoint Saturday and Office 365 User Groups they are driving awareness of how technology can transform any business and impact their bottom line.

– Matt Soseman, Senior Architect, Microsoft

I’ve known Dave many years and worked with him both personally and professionally. Dave is as diverse in his interests as he in is his abilities. Highly energetic and assertive; he always goes the extra mile to ensure that you don’t just get what you asked for but, rather, what you really need.

– Kristoffer Sperry

The SharePoint Saturday community has some amazing individual contributors that help make it unique. These community events though, would not be possible without the financial support of generous sponsors. Look no further than David Leveille at Crush Networks to find an overwhelming level of generosity, that includes not only financial support of the community but also the donation of time to ensure events provide the most value to the community. Thank you Crush Networks for helping make it the best community possible!

– David Warner II, Principal Consultant, Catapult Systems (

David has been wonderful to have as a client and early partner at Hack Club Bank. He is forward-thinking both technically and professionally, and shares valuable feedback with us regularly to help us improve ourselves. We look forward to continue to support him and the SoCal Office 365 group.

– Linus Lee, Hack Club Bank

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